Florida Water

Florida Water

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Florida Water is used in a variety of rituals and spells. It has a refreshing, citrus smell and has strong cleansing properties.

It can be used daily as a cologne or when you have a specific intention in mind. It is known to clear headaches and scent a home but is also used as a replacement for Holy Water. 

Florida Water Uses Include:

  • Cleansing altar items
  • Misting over body for cleansing and/or protection
  • Kept in a glass on your altar to ensure clear communication with ancestors
  • Unblocking obstacles in your relationship
  • Blessing your home
  • Spraying onto yourself after a bath/shower
  • Calming down after a long day
  • So much more

Water is a channel. Florida water is infused with essences of sacred plants that help you channel more clearly. This means that you can set the intention however you see fit.

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