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Coral Oral Toothbrush

Coral Oral Toothbrush

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Coral Oral is the first of its kind!


• A full brush head and precision cut bristles to reach the tooth's total surface,

• Gently cleans and massages gums, tongue, and teeth. Soft bristles sure not to cause any damage or pain!

• Removes plaque and surface stains and keeps breath fresh,

• Ergonomic angles help prevent overbrushing,

• Firm ridges for a slip-free grip,

• Gentle tapered bristles made from nylon, not pork products like commmercial brands

• Convenient scrubber on back of brush head cleans tongue and cheeks for fresher breath.

 | FDA Approved | Soft Bristle | Wholesale Available – Email info@coraloral.com for more information | 

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